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An Illumination (Home Land)

In a cliff of horizontal red
Sandstone, the escarpments much worn and rounded as if by        water and wrought

Here     you will walk alone           here no plural is possible     here
Your elsewhere    illusion, your exit —

And yet between the passes, the mountain gorges    Emigrants overtaken
And forced to abandon every thing All            the world beyond was thus
Cut off        even the brides,     flourishing their cut bouquets they cloy and cry

Pull your body        and pull and pull    and yet between

Salt lay as a sheet of solid ice,

A solitary wild. Salt lay as a sheet    as a sheet of our mules our train lay
Almost aqueous, effortless    — turning and returning.

The aromatic arms of juniper         bent like Blake’s gods     nearly
Petrified by sun     will guide you through you
And this walking     are large.

Are clear nor calm but

It is for you     faith.             Yes     you have lived here
But was it yesterday     or centuries before?
An illumination            homeruins in the stone.