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The One About Firs Phen Telling You to Enter Your Body Again

Feeling bad forever and then

         it is finished: no more feeling bad.
So you walk to the spruce section of the timber floor.

a palm leaf, you transfer a small fire. It is
six o’clock, the owls & children.

         So many light green beads. A sweatshirt

         with a flower on it. Firs Phen appears, she says

         Hey. She says You must

learn to fall
into your body over & over again, like you did the first time

         when you were an alien.
She brings stones to your inner head: amber, lime green,

one like fruit tea.

A whole nation changes
currency on the other side of the world.
For a moment

you can see mothers everywhere,
mist bundles … amber plumes …

faces between saplings.
Ask me
what you are afraid of, she says. Just ask.