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Last Night in the House, Together

Reeks of bacon & tampons—our kiddo’s
stashed away—the hall in shadow—I see
futures of ice & mold—you’re screaming
you, you—a fit of immolation—a protozoa

for my heart—blankness—now rifle your dildo
drawer & spit—you bruise almost like a kiwi—
stomp your back, too—wrecked, the kiddo’s
in the hall, a shadow stashed away—I see

through Xanax withdraw—a blossoming halo
of nerves on fire—my lungs heave, a scree
weighted with nails—sprung now, you flee
into a flora of chances—aggressor: tomorrow
reeks of bacon & tampons—my kiddo’s
stashed away—a shadow—the hall & the sea.