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from House Lights

                                                              cymbals crash
                                above the drone of searching off to climb out of the window I feel
                                                             sorry for them
                                                      let go flames

blow sheet gown and kick ‘em to the floor
if you were drowning too a hurricane blew
your shingled roof into a blanket tossed   
you’d even tear your IV out to have

that blanket off at least you’d drive
your catheter out the tubes out of your
nose don’t want this mess until
everybody falls
into the lake hiss hiss the tip
your face is clear your hand is resting

light the wick without the glass    
do not resuscitate
careful not to hold it too long
else you’ll burn it blacken window

if these are your eyes watch the garden
butterfly at night
see the Common disappear
nearly blind in white
eat oyster half shells from the ice

O Unhappy iron stars
the swaying trees are silent
through the trees are naked there
is still a will to move

I’m watching for music thank you
neither calling out to Death
or tidying for company
come back silence ain’t so bad
it’s just another way to split

down I built and fed the fire
write goodbye goodbye

the money burned just leave me thank you I’ve enjoyed this sun
splinters years of sitting what’s a family anyway but
front row seats I even lit the candles
yes I know do not resuscitate thank you
I’ve enjoyed this Lord’s light too

the elevator loves you
for dropping light
the voice rising never much as laid a hand
watered lungs thank you I’ve enjoyed this without

your glasses or your
hearing aid thank you I’ve enjoyed this if I
don’t count the spiders in the basement
thank you I’ve enjoyed this basement

clouding webs to weather thank you I’ve enjoyed this
mother of my father thank you I’ve enjoyed this