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Fights & Flights

   All right, enough already, I mean please,
it’s good that there’s a stop to everything.
Love, I could escape all this as easily
as a chick might soar, or even flap its wings.
   You—, now you’re really pissing me off,
yet it always goes as it will. I know this well.
My soul, why do you have to say this stuff?
Should I jump off of a cliff? Would that be swell?
   Thanks be to God if you had leapt head-first!
I’d love to hear about this breaking news
since nothing else will make your bubble burst.
   Now, if you felt pity to match your beauty,
unless my thinking is without a clue,
you’d say, and say genuinely, “Choose me.”        (22)


     “Deh, bastat’oggimai, per cortesia,
in verità, ché tutt’ha bel posare.”
“Certo, amore, così far lo poria
come gallucio potesse volare.”
   “Tu mi fara’ venir tal bizzarria
qual i’ mi so, puo’ che così dè andare.”
“Perché dici così, anima mia?
ha’ voglia ch’i’ mi vad’a trarripare?”
   “Volesse Dio che tu fossi già mosso,
ch’assa’ mi piaceria cotal novella,
dapoi che rimaner far non ti posso.”
   “Or, stu fossi pietosa come bella,
se ’l mi’ penser non m’inganna di grosso,
de la persona tua diresti: “Tèlla.”        (XXII)