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(fl. second half of 12th century)
Tenso with Guiraut de Bornehl

This is need to know, pretty little A.,
don’t make me suss, since I’m reject-man;
now that your lying friend's let loose her grasp
what she gave me she took back, just like that.
What can I claim?
I’m so pissed,
I can feel my body
bursting into flames.

God damn, G., what you want, she doesn’t care.
This a game of give and take, so what you lose--
just give it up or your bad now will keep on growing.
If she says what is high is only low
believe her--
and buy the good and bad she throws:
no other way to get love from her.

I can’t stop coming up against her pride
when I see you here so new, blonde, so cake.
The tiny pain slays me; the tiny bliss sinks my ache,
And still I’m not at first or second base.
I’m worrying this rage will kill me:
you sweet and say I’m rad
but I know –I’m closer to the waves,
no matter how your play makes my day.

When you come to me with whys so deep,
Jeez- God, G, I don’t know how to speak.
You call me with this happy, easy heart--
oh mow my field before X reaps there!
If I’d wanted to make the peace,
I would have searched out for you.
But since she covers her skin in body bling,
it comes out right you’re just not her thing.

Little miss, now you are talking shit.
She lied to me first and then five times more.
You think I can take this and not keep score?
I’m not down with playing the fool;
if you don’t chill and keep this cool
I’ll make you find me another sweet trace.
I got more up front advice from N.B.,
Than your blah blah blah love her drivel.

So you say she’s playing you the fool,
and now you’ll look for some other rule;
Why would she want to get back with you?
I don’t think you’ve broken her yet;
from now on the laws are all on hold,
no matter what you say to look bold.
She is so mad at you that she won’t hear
your silence or pleas, or any peace treaty.

Honey, for Christ’s sake, don’t leave me now—
You’re the one who gets what's up with me.
If I’ve been wrong in getting so mad,
just call it my bad; if you’ve ever felt how fast
love can change, or if you’ve wanted it to last,
honey please just find some way;
I’m a dead man if I lose her now;
but please don’t let her hear these words I say.

Mr. G, you know I don’t want your love to end,
but she says she’s the one who should be mad,
since you’re toying  in front of all our friends
Who are nothing next to her, dressed or nude;
She’d look weak if she didn’t dump you,
while you’re loving another and aren’t true.
But I'll tell her you're cool as I always have,
if you swear to not act like that.

Beautiful, for God’s sake, if she trusts you
promise her I’ll again be true.

Ok, but when she’s given her love again,
you’ll be all through if you take yours back.

          Translated from the Provenšal by Claudia Keelan


S’ie. us quier conseill, bell’ ami’ Alamanda,
no. l me vedetz, qu’om cochataz los.us demanda,
que so m’a dich vostra dompna truanda
que loing sui fors issitz de sa comanda,
que so que. m det m’estrai er e.m desmanda;
que. m cosseillatz?
qu’a pauc lo cors totz d’ira no. m abranda,
tan fort en sui iratz.

Per Dieu, Giruat, jes aissi tot a randa
volers d’amics noi.s fai ni nois.s garanda,
que, si l’uns faill, l’autre coven que blanda,
que lor destrics noi.s cresca ni s’espanda;
e  s’ela. us ditz d’aut puoig que sia landa,
vos la ’n crezatz,
e plassa vos lo bes e. l mals qu’il manda,
qu’aissi seretz amatz.

Non puos mudar que contr’ orguoill non gronda
ja siatz vos donzella bell’ e blonda;
pauc d’ira. Us notz e paucs jois vos aonda,
mas jes non etz primieira ni segonda.
Ieu que. m tem fort d’est ira que. m confonda--
vos me lauzatz,
si. m sent perir, que. m tenga plus vas l’onda:
mal cre que. m capdellatz.

Si m’enqueretz d’aital razon prionda,
per Dieu, Giraut, non sai, com vos responda;
vos m’apellatz de leu cor jauzionda--
mais vuoill pelar mon prat qu’autre. l mi tonda;
que s’ie. us era del plaich far desironda,
vos escercatz;
com son bels cors vos esdui’ e.us resconda,
ben par com n’etz cochatz.

Donzell’, oimais non siatz tant parlieira,
qu’il m’a mentit mais de cinc vetz primieira;
cujatz vos doncs qu’ieu totz temps lo sofieira?
Semblaria qu’o fezes per nescieira.
D’autr; aimstat ai talan qu’ie. us enquieira,
si no. us calatz;
meillor cosseil dava na Barengieira
que vos non m’en donatz

Lora vei ieu, Giraut, qu’ela. us o mieira,
car l’apelletz camjairitz ni leugueira;
pero cujatz que del plaich vos enquieira?
Ieu non cuig jes qu’il sia tant mainieira:
ans er oimais sa proeza derreia,
que que. us digatz,
si. s destrenh tant que contra vos sofieira
trega ni fi ni patz.

Bella, per Dieu, non perga vostr’ ajuda;
ja sabetz vos com mi fo covenguda;
s’ieu ai faillit per l’ira qu’ai agida,
no.m tenga dan; s’anc sentitz com leu muda
cors d’amador, bella, e s’anc sentitz fotz druda,
del plaich penstatz!
Qu’ieu sui be mortz, s’enaissi l’ai perduda;
mas no. lh o descobratz!

Seign’ en Giraut, ja n’agr’ ieu fin volguda,
mas ella ditz qu’a dreich s’es irascuda,
qu’autra n prejetz com fols tot a saubuda
que non la val ni vestida ni nuda;
noi fara doncs, si no. us gic, que vencuda,
s’autra ’n prejatz?
Be. us en valrai et ai la. us manteguda,
si mais no. us I mesclatz.

Bella, per Dieu, si de lai n’etz crezuda,
per me l’o affiatz!

Ben o farai, mas, quan vos er renduda
s’amors, non la. us toillatz.