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Guillem Rainol D'at and Anonymous Domna
(fl. 1209)

When I hear the cock crow in the parks,
the pecker, jay, blackbird, the redstart,
the nightingale and the greenfinch,
I write a short song no one asks for or wants.
My lady is fine, civil, my habit.
She pulls me more than a wooly hawk.

Boy, you are too bad too rude.
I almost flew one hundred times,
but I never heard a boy use words like you.
I’ll show you are a lucky dude:
when  I see  Mr.  Lively “money-man” near,
I go and hide inside a barn or the cellar.

Girl, I hide my heart from view,
for that I give credit to you.
You’d never love a bum or fool--
no, you ditch them like I did war;
never fought there again, since you forbade me.
Now I eat cheese pastries, bread with gravy.

You know I begged and begged
to sell our best striped skins
to dress Miguel,my toy boy.
Let's deck him in torn clothes--
with that hot body and attitude,
he’s the  man to rule the roost,

I’ll watch your boy Miguel hang,
since loving him makes me your thang;
that liar, dodgy, young piece of trash.
I swear to you by his cheap ass,
not Miguel nor his sheepy stash,
will get close to you on any day

Baby, who is that bald one,
huge, tall, with nice sharp spurs,
decked out like he’s the one for sure?
He friends me with so many likes,
a horned bull couldn’t post more sweet words;
so now I’m chicken for his wooly bird.

          Translated from the Provenšal by Claudia Keelan


Quant aug chantar lo gal sus en l'erbos
e'l pic e'l iai e'l merl' e'l coaros
e'l rossignol e l'aguisat perier,
farai un vers ses prec e ses somos.
Ma domn' es tan bell'e cortes'e pros
que'm fai loirar plus que falcos lanier.

Seingner, tan m'es mals e contrarios,
cent ves ai cor que mi parta de vos,
mais anc non vi home tan plasentier.
Mas d'una ren est ben aventuros:
qant sent venir esterlins orgoillos,
ades m'escont en granj'o en sellier.

Domna, tostemps vos ai mon cor cellat:
per qu n'avez de mi lauzor e grat
quant non amest cusson ni fatonier,
anza lo fugist om eu tornei rengat
qu'anc no'i fos pois, pos m'o agues vedat.
Mais am flauzons e sopas en sabrier.

Seigner, tostemps vos aurei prezicat
que vendessem so maior porc faissat
e vestissem Miquel, so berbeguier;
fezessem li blizaut fendut trepat
--tant a gen cors e bella maiestat,
cent vez er pres e lei de cavallier.

Domna, Miquels volria fos pendutz,
que tant l'anas qu'en son oer fols tengutz,
lo bacalar trachor mensoneguier.
Que ar vos ius encontra sas vertutz
que ia Miquels ni sos avers lanutz
non estara ab vos un an entier.

Seinger, cals es aicel c'om a tondutz
--uns grans, uns loncs, ab esperos agutz,
entopenatz a lei de cavallier?
Tant me mandet amistatz e salutz
e'm graziz mais que si fos bous cournutz,
car dei un pol a son tersol lanier.