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A Space Azalea
“A Space Azalea: this azalea sprouted out from a seed of azaleas that had traveled in space with a medical doctor and the first Japanese woman who had explored space” (sign in courtyard of Matsumoto Castle)

The absence of things, a plant shedding

a scattered signature of red.  The name -
    something about remembering home.

In embryo, it had sensed its planet,

a dot smeared on a vast plane, the patch
    of crust where, free

from spinning in the frameless dark,

it would land, reconstitute and grow,
    unbend its stalk, start bowing to the sun,

set root.  It’s an a, not a the, other

pieces may be elsewhere, outside
    this immurement, walls famed

for their blackness.  Black in the way space is not.