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The Watchtower
Heaven is a large and interesting place.
-Agent Cooper, Twin Peaks

Chimneys salute my departure with smoke.
The car engines too
and the breath of my friends who wave

in the street. The earth opens its vents,
blazing sores like the Kazakh pit
an akim aches to fill.

The flood finds every corner
of every filing cabinet, finds the crook
of each staple in all documents,

finds the space beneath the seawall and soon
the space where the seawall was.
Satellites plummet like enflamed hibachis.

Ponds double and triple, indistinct
from horizon, quiet, reflecting
our monuments. Above, stars disperse

and veil the sky, a jellyfish velum.
I check for signs
in the sink of an abandoned home.

Nothing prepared me
for the spray of moths
that fluttered from the faucet head.