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When they gave orders to make me pants for the first
communion they cut them short. I went to the
confirmation as a small scout too. On the way I kept
killing rats with my keys. I was afraid they would eat my

bike. The door was adorned with flowers. But the watch
deliberately didn't work. They gave us many fancy
cakes and poured the wine on us. So that the breath
wouldn't evaporate and escape. There was a gentleman

with a wooden leg creeping in the church. He didn't
look much.When he threw his wooden leg in the
fountain, the foamsprinkled also on those who had

brought oranges. Wafer breads are flat. Without
the earth the light wouldn't exist and steaks would be
flat already on the animals who still make baa-aa-h.

     Translated from the Slovenian by Michael Thomas Taren and the author