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We came upon a room filled with a brine
of sore light so that it seemed autumn
had been tortured there and from the round
ceiling hung these three journeymen size jars
inside the first jar roiled some blond viscous
slurry and a jinn mode of circulation
none of my studies could help to explain
and equally strange were the teams of ruddy
globes all moving in a manner oblivious
to that system of torrents working inside
lo but if it wasn’t in all ways embryonic
and no matter in what world still the most
adamant machine my leader turned to me then
and with those eyes at once spectral and wet
and too much full of the living hint
and long bountiful nights so that when he pressed
his lips to mine it was a long kiss or so did it
seem we were kissing such was the congress
I felt when his eyes reached down into mine
and with such slow loving futility
but about that time standing inside a room
deep inside a hill together we were standing
there together like I say beneath the first of three
confounding jars when his eyes began lending me
all the resolve wits and fortitude I would soon
need for learning what each jar contained