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September 14 2011

what is completed, to be complete
he tried to pull it out only it tore
the skin more than he thought it might step forward,
look, turn head away, he is not looking at you
turn head away, turn head, walk forward, he is not looking
turn head he is not looking, keep head here
while he is not looking must turn head away,
the limbs in front, the legs parted, one by the other,
away from sight, taken from sight,
I love you I love you too You look nice tonight
so do you, you look great, you look great,
so there is no help, and what he says
all this is to lull into the step taken forward
this could be termed existence, a negative
cross, and it offends me
it offends him, the positive traits are woven in
with mere passivity. To tear him apart
to put a knife in him again again and feel
your teeth chewing his relation to himself
you dripped wax over his scrotum sack
which you then pierced with a needle
after you fucked you living still
body still wanted more but could barely
move under the growing chunks of
lethargic aching systems. You too look nice
you look this could all be you I desecrate his
clothing as his neck drains inside his throat
and across his open shirt chest visible
he zips his pants and gets up and kisses me
on my mouth that is nether such the sufferer
just when it seems he is more I leave it
he leaves me and by seeming the same as me
while I was sucking sperm out of your cock
he was dissolving somewhere in I have
spoken, go on, he will, the inner
while he was being dissolved I was
sitting on your face as it passes into
the past, yes, the present, you mean the gilded
hall, I take my leave of you, as I
left he grabbed my ankle tripping me
I could see his pierced nipple is all
that a woman has you living, he says, the blood
was a weird kind of blood on the shirt that
got stabbed through but more than that did it dissolve
it gobbing on the rim so he cleaned it
I’ve always thought to think of it I would not
he said not saying would you like to he ran
with the eye slightly loose tripped and fell
on with me fate a rusted concrete pile
his pants came off flare diffused when I dragged
him and hid him and better hid him
the effect of his insides coursing out of his
inside his body I saw all things in his
beautiful shin bone so much more than thou
he was the same as I beat him across the shins
and crotch and remembered the first time
I tasted sperm zipped up pants coming to life
he looked the same, very handsome, his face
brightening in the declining non addition
rather than speak here we went toward
the signal, I conducted him with thy aid
they help so inner to the
to the dale where thy help loosed and confounded
and the joining of composures permanently
make forever a forever most succinct, long
efficient, german, he was this way, my faithful
love unware that I source your end
I needed to pee so I took a pee before burying
him and then giving up on burying him
as naught he said to me but I am a youth
and here my wreath as naught else he said to me
but I said to him he took my clothes off
and off but that it is to its season and always is
he looked as alive as he did dead and nothing
that changed so much nothing that changed

I cannot give you pleasure because I am dissatisfied with my body