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I Want to Write a Hit Single

But the painting outside my window
has cloud all over its face
which distracts me from capturing
the ineffable again.  Sometimes
I confuse my poems by adding words
from a different poem.  This is no
way to get the kids dancing!
Suddenly, lawnmowers are all I think about,
mostly because of the constant ripping,
the way they leave the grass in shredded piles
every time I turn my back.  A shock
of bird shaped shadow traverses the ground
& lo I am trembling in the afternoon.
Still, I remember driving with Matt
& saying something something hit single
something something & then a tractor trailer
switched lanes without signaling.
This was a lesson about living in the moment
& it just made us crank the music louder
en route to wherever.  Which is the point,
really – that it didn’t matter where
we were going or how many snapdragons
stood in our way.  Maybe the equation
I’ve been trying to produce the answer to
is so simple that you know it when you look at it
& you can’t stop looking at it so that
you’re constantly alive with wonder &
confusion.  Think of that delicate span
of skin covering the trembling wrist bones
of the beloved.  Think of the matchstick
quickness inside us all when we flare.