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from Notes on Melancholia


the mermaids making promises again

the night when her body on the ship named nightingale

honey-milk the world surrounding the infant hidden in the infant’s song

the polygamy of eurynome’s daughters

the air in love with the lute of the evangelist

canal girls their pale smile

heliodorus the inbred one

madeleine who loves barbary horse

dolores vagrant her hand reaching out for the cock of the young expat

one wing what spiders love

sluttish neglected habit

simple paper the breast of winter loosening the tongue of the poet

the three friends in the video game trench

molotov cocktails flying like ripe strawberries

blue helmets where the blue wall should be

and the ghastly portion of himself which made her moan

the ear the erotic appendage

the tax upon the study of light

the maestro confessing with a silent mandolin

so lovely the tutor teaching about affection


the chestnut droppings of the interpreter

according to chrysostom the canopy of the mind of fire

the artist mustachioed giving kisses

dear flowered faces your flowered faces are huge