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from Notes on Melancholia


the robot walking to confession with his head down

the robot who waters the mistress’ flowers

the robot dejected smiling

the painting of the robot gesturing toward the painter

the robot without ears saying huh

the russian robot translating romantic verse

the evil robot stealing peppers from the garden

the naked robot on the roof of the car

the robot his mouth full of pistachios looking beyond you into the rainfall

the robot cemetery on I-80 the robot state the robot coast

the robot massaging your shoulders looking out the window

the brand new robot seeing only language and the glass knight hopping in the field

the robot dream of the robot running from the wolf

at night the robots getting together

the robot snow-angel well-lit

the robot sliding down the hill the old man laughing on his back

the robot reaching out for the other robot

the robot named Nullius Filius the other robot also named Nullis Filius