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These three poems are part of a larger series I've been working on...for awhile. The inspiration for this collection comes from an incomplete set of The World Book Encyclopedias published in 1947.

I randomly grab an Encyclopedia volume from the shelf (where they, unlike my other books, are not alphabetized) and open to a random page. Faced with disparate entries, I figure out how to fit them together. Is there a link? Or does the vibration happen in the variance: English Sparrows and Engraving, Dinwiddie and Diphtheria—like sewing machines and umbrellas?

I like to supplement the 1947 Encyclopedia entries with research I do on the (infinite and sometimes erroneous) Internet. I’m fascinated by facts and trivia—the more outrageous and outdated, the better. I was once told you shouldn’t include information in a poem. I still don’t know what that means.