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“December Songs” is a series of 100 word prose poems. They came out of a  vague frustration I have had for some time now with the lack of music in prose poems. They are wintry attempts at / explorations in prose music.

What do you think characterizes prose music?

Well, let me begin by saying that, of course, not all prose poems lack music. “December Songs” came out of a frustration I had/have with the prose poems I have encountered recently—in journals, etc. Moreover, I do not claim to have read all the prose poems out there—nor do I dislike all the prose poems out there. It's just I can't help but ask myself, upon reading one of the linebreakless bastards, Why this form? Admittedly, prose poems have always been a bit mysterious to me. Perhaps because what I love most about poetry, on a technical level, is the tension between sentence and line—the suspense, sonic play, and torque it affords language. This tension, on a fundamental level, distinguishes poetry from prose, right? So, what happens when the line is removed, but the poem remains? The prose poem? I feel like that's what I've been encountering too often lately, but the prose poem can't be that simple. It can't be that boring! While writing “December Songs” I was interested in what technical maneuvers I could employ as, for lack of a better term, 'stand-ins' for the tension between sentence and line. The result is perhaps, simply, an overly fragmented, repetitious, and often inverted prose. But I like. Prose music. The way it sounds.